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Are you concerned about having bad breath, or halitosis? You are not the only one; you simply need to look at the well-stocked shelves of gum and mints in the stores to be assured of that. While nobody craves bad breath, there are a number of factors that could cause it.

-Dry mouth: Saliva naturally helps to rid your mouth of food particles. While you sleep, your saliva production decreases and bad breath is a natural result. It may get even worse if you sleep with your mouth open. Some medications or diseases could also be a cause of a dry mouth.
-Tobacco products: Using chewing tobacco and smoking causes its own distinct odor and could lead to another source of bad breath—gum disease.
-Poor dental hygiene: Food particles remaining in the mouth can cause bad breath. Bacteria naturally found in the mouth can combine with these particles and cause plaque to grow which, if left unchecked, can develop into gingivitis.
-Other conditions in the throat, nose or mouth: Constant inflammation or infections in these areas of your body may contribute to bad breath.
-Medications: As mentioned before, some medications may lead to a dry mouth. Others however, can release chemicals that could be picked up on your breath.
-Other causes: Certain diseases have a distinctive odor. In young children, bad breath could be caused by a foreign body being stuck in the nose.

If you live in the Aiea, Hawaii, area and would like an appointment with our dentist, call Island Dental Group at (808) 484-4470. Our dentist may want you to come in the morning to lower the chances that the foods you’ve eaten are the cause of the odor. Dr. Claude N. Tamura might ask that you not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for three hours prior or wear lotions or perfumes with strong scents as they could mask any odors. If you’ve taken antibiotics recently, please call us today as your appointment may need to be delayed.