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According to the Centers for Disease Control, excluding accidents, a large number of deaths in the United States are caused by the diseases that have a strong correlation with poor oral health. Some of the health problems include diabetes, cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.

-People with diabetes have much greater incidences of periodontitis, or gum disease than other people. Diabetics have an increased risk of heart disease and neuropathy.

-Pancreatic cancer, is much more prevalent among persons with excessive levels of oral bacteria.

-Coronary artery disease has a connection to periodontal disease. 35 percent of the patients with coronary artery disease also suffer with periodontal disease.

-Inhaling oral bacteria may contribute to respiratory infections and other problems.

-People with gum disease are at a greater risk of stroke.

-There may be a link between lost teeth and Alzheimer’s disease. Studies in Japan found that Alzheimer’s was present among 60-year-olds that had lost half of their natural teeth.

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