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Dental damage arises out of risk factors in your life that can contribute to harm to your teeth and gums. Although many risks are often attributed to the products we consume and the oral hygiene care we keep, there are several factors in your life that can be doing damage to your smile. Listed below are a few common dental damage risks to be mindful of:

– Smoking or chewing tobacco can have several detrimental effects on your smile. Not only can smoking lead to bad breath and stained teeth, but it can also lead to tooth loss and cancer.
– Drugs are known for destroying lives not only because they can wreck your health, but they can also do damage to your oral health. Due to the risks of tooth decay and eventual tooth loss or cancer, avoid drugs that are deemed hazardous to your health.
– One of the biggest risks to an individual smile is from sports, although many individuals may not be aware of how. Sports, including contact sports or sports that use physical objects, can easily damage your smile, knock out your teeth or break your jaw. To prevent decades of oral health care from being erased from a single oral health accident, always wear safety gear and equipment to keep your face safe.
– Although it’s often considered a stylish choice as a form of self-expression, mouth jewelry can have several negative consequences. Mouth jewelry in the form of lip and tongue rings can put your teeth and gums at risk of several forms of damage, including chipped teeth, lacerated gums, oral inflammation, infectious diseases, choking hazards and permanent nerve damage.

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